iPhone App saves a Californian Senior

I just read up on an article where a senior collapsed in the middle of a basketball game, and the coach used his iAid App to apply CPR and save his life. WOW. That is amazing. Technology saving someone. That coach must be pretty smart. It’s a good thing that I’m certified in CPR, and I could do that too. That kid is pretty lucky.images

My School

Some of the pictures aren’t good, but hey, my hands aren’t the steadiest and this camera wasn’t                                                                                                                                                  the best!

Tha Pro’s FaVoRiTe AnD nOt So FaVoRiTe MoViEs.

My favorite movies… Hmmmm… That’s very hard, because I’ve seen many movies, but here are my top five and they are not rated in order because I have SO many favorites, they are rated in the order I remembered them. And at the bottom are the 5 worst I’ve seen. (shudder)

1. Signs- An amazing movie about a lonely farming family that finds the first signs of an alien invasion in their cornfield in the form of a crop circle, and really cool because its scary like and R movie, but is only PG-13, so I can watch it, and it is a good movie with good content! That’s a win-win situation. :^)

2. Harry Potter Series- An all-around good series, and a family favorite. I will always love these movies, and I know that some of you hate these movies, but thats your opinion, and right now, its my turn. I think Harry Potter is awesome, and I can’t wait till #7 part 1 comes out, I hope I can go to the Midnight showing! :^) I’m not going to describe this because you should know how this series goes, and if you don’t, I don’t know WHAT is wrong with you.

3. To Save A Life- An amazing movie about a kid (Jake) who’s best childhood friend that saved his life starts drifting away from him during High School, and Jake becomes the super popular kid and his friend, Roger, is bullied every single day. I know I can’t describe it, but it is amazing – It made me cry every single time I saw it – all 3 times! A must-see!

4. Toy Stories- My favorite Childhood Movie, I just couldn’t leave it out, exspecially with Numero Trace, which was awesome! I love this series, and I hope it sticks around awhile for my kids. You should all know how this series goes too, so I’m not going to describe it.

5. Vampires Suck- HiLaRiOuS! I went with a friend, and we cracked up! I exspecially loved the part where Edward drives on his SacWave. You HAVE to see this hilarious parody of the Twilight series. YOU HAVE TO.

Now.. Movies that I would never watch again…

1. Iron Man 2- It just missed the mark and wasn’t anything like the first one. Yeah, I liked some of it, but if I had a choice of watching or not, I wouldn’t.

2. Kill Bill- I doubt some of you even know what this is. There is really no point in this movie. All the character does is kill. I just watched it because I stayed up late, woke up early, and turned on the TV. BOOM it was on. I definetly will not watch it again.

3. Son of the Mask- Yes, it was funny, but I really don’t like it. It’s about some stupid mask that changes your personality/takes over your body when you put it on. Probably won’t ever watch this again.

4. The Fred Movie- Again, I laughed, but there was really no point to it, and I didn’t like it. I’ll stick to the youtube vids.

5. The worst one ever, The Twilight Saga- I Hate these movies. I really don’t see anything in them. It’s some twisted story of a vampire and love or something. I’m so glad they made Vampires Suck, which is one of my favorites, because this movie really does SUCK. You see what I did there, with the – oh, never mind. (Quote from MAD on Cartoon Network)

A day in the life of Tha Pro

It’s time to tell  you about a day in my life. That is, a school day.

I wake up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for school.

Depending on whether I walk to school or not, I leave at 7:30, or if I walk, I leave at 7:20.

School starts at 8:05 here in Nebraska.

Here is my schedule right now:

1st: Science   2nd: Physical Education (P.E.)   3rd: Math (Algebra)   4th: Challenge (what I’m in right now)   5th: Lunch   6th: English   7th: Office Aide   8th: Civics/Social Studies

We have 4 minutes between each period.

Each period is 51 minutes long, and on Friday, they’re only 45 minutes long.

At the beginning of the year you get to chose electives, like I chose Office Aide, and Industrial Tech., which I will have the second half of the year.

We have sports year round, from Football and Volleyball to Track and Field.

Our school day ends at 3:25, and on Fridays, at 2:00.

I go to bed usually sometime between 9 and 10 p.m.

And that’s a Day in the life of THA PRO Tha Pro is out. PEACE!!! :^)

Challenge #6 for the September Challenge Group

Well, what we did was go to someone on our blogroll, then go to someone on their blog roll, and finally someone on their blogroll. I ended up at three pretty cool sites all of which I did yesterday, so I don’t remember any of them except Sam’s, who’s is pretty cool because he had alot of awesome stuff on his. I also visited someone who had a soundtrack on their website, and that was cool. I’ll look into that. Everyones was pretty cool. Congrats to all, you passed Tha Pro’s test.

Tha Pro’s NexT True BloG.

Hey you all, I just wanted to say that anybody I commented on and told my gamertag, It will soon be changing to DyssL3x1kSmirf Because I am now part of the smurf clan. If you know someone that Tha Pro told his gamertag was EpicPwnge782, tell them it will be changing soon, and if you would like to become part of the smurf clan, look up Tw3St3D Smurf, at least I think that’s how he spelled it. Anyway, I am going to be getting black ops in about a week so that will be so awesome!!! Tha Pro is out. PEACE!!! :^)

Why should I use images in my posts?!

I’ll tell you why. Because when you use images, it can express what you are trying to get across better, and it shows you are a pro blogger. Images improve your blog in so many ways. They add color, expression, and feeling to your posts and your blog.

If you want to add images check out my other post about a tutorial for adding images.

F.Y.I. this was for Challenge #5 in the Sept. 2010 challenge.

10/10/10 10:10!!!!!!!!!

Yes!!! 10/10/10 10:10!!! Who else was up last night celebrating? This won’t happen for another 1000 years, and next year is 11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m. or p.m., and after that #12! I can’t believe that in my lifetime, this has happened/will happen 12 times! 1/01/01, 1:01, 2/02/02, 2:02, and so on until 12/12/12, 12:12! Numbers are awesome!

The Heart of the Country (Almost)

CORNHUSKERSIf you were to visit my state (Nebraska), you would notice that it is almost the center of the U.S.A. We actually share it with Kansas, but I still think we are the center of the U.S. Anyway, if you ever were to visit my State, here are some places you have to visit.

1. You have to go to the Henry Doorly Zoo, one of the best zoos in America. It has the Desert Dome, The Night exhibit under the dome, the reptile house, the train that goes through it, the Big Cat Place, Elephants, Rhinos, everything. We’ve gone there at least every other year since I was 4, and we have a 2 and a half hour drive there. You have to see it.

2. The Platte River. It is amazingly beautiful at sunrise/sunset, all the sun bouncing of the water. And when the sandhill cranes make there annual migration south, It is a sight to see.

3.Island Oasis Water Park in Grand Island. With 6 amazing water slides, 2 speed, 4 long and curvey, a HUGE wave pool, long lazy river, kid’s area, sand volleyball, and concessions, It is pretty fun, just saying I’ve only heard of it – I’ve been trying to get my parents to go since fifth grade, or I don’t know what you kids from other countries call it – Year 5?